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1.3 billion people globally are suffering from hearing loss on a daily basis without having a solution. Clementine offers technology to make hearing care solutions more accessible for hearing impaired. Anywhere, anytime. 

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Branding and personalization

Clementine can fully be customized to clinic’s branding and communication preferences.

User centric

Help patients to understand their hearing needs and guide them to the best solution.


Analyze lead profiles, app usage and conversion.



Proven increase in conversion within the first month of use.


Fully tailored

Clementine is known for its’ flexibility and customization: All apps and text can fully be adjusted to the last details to match your preferences.

Be ahead

Clementine notifies you as soon as a potential patient went through a screening. This way you can always be sure to follow up with patients in time.


The Clementine platform allows for secure integrations with your own backoffice to ensure a smooth awareness funnel for your leads.


Allow us to make things easy for you. Automate personal follow up of leads and patients via the Clementine portal.


Curious to how it’s done?

Hearing innovation is at the heart of our business. Every single day we help hearing care companies to make their products and services more accessible to hearing impaired people in the communities they are serving. 
The flexible Clementine solutions can fully be tailored to the hearing care company’s branding and way of working.

Watch the video below to explore how Clementine can be used.

The time for self-assessments has come

Being a hearing care company, you know best wat solutions people need given their hearing profile. Changing times ask for changing equipment. Clementine Home has been developed by and for audiology professionals. Via Clementine Home, any patient can take a self-assessment, from home or any other location.

Quick screenings

From any location where your target audience is present

  • Get significantly more leads from your community
  • Reliable
  • Easy to use

Success Stories

Working with Clementine could not have been a more pleasant and professional experience. Vince and the team have shown they truly care about your success and will go out of their way to customize the product to fit your needs. Eargo had some unique challenges and a crazy timeline when we started our relationship with Clementine, and they made everything happen on time as requested. Our clients have a wonderful experience with the online hearing screening and we feel we’re just getting started.

Steve Eagon

Head of Sales Development, Eargo

Clementine helps us to continue helping people with hearing services, regardless the circumstances. Clementine has shown true flexibility and eagerness to help us by offering their solutions tailored and fast.

Nicolas Norman

Owner, Hoorcentrum Norman

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