Copenhagen (DK) / Lanaken (BE) – After a successful launch in Danish hearing care clinics, Sonova Denmark AS and Samplified have announced a distribution partnership for the Clementine screening kiosk.

In Denmark, 500.000 people suffer from hearing loss without seeing a hearing care professional and thus without wearing a hearing aid. Sonova Denmark is introducing the kiosk to generate awareness and to lower the barriers for scheduling an appointment if the Kiosk advises to get into contact with a hearing care professional.

Thomas Agerskov, National Sales Manager at Sonova Denmark: “We have seen clinics receiving up to 50 screenings per month by using the kiosk. We, as Sonova Denmark are always looking for tools that help our customers to grow their business and are proud to add this solution to our offering. Denmark is home to many hearing aid manufacturers, that’s why we are always extra critical in selecting our partners.”

According to Vince van de Weijer, Manager at Samplified Europe: “People tend to wait for seven years to visit a hearing care professional after the first problems occur. The usage of the Clementine Kiosk outside of clinic locations has been proven extremely successful in the Nordics and other regions as well. It allows people to take a quick and user-friendly assessment of their hearing loss on locations where they feel comfortable to do so. Sonova, being the leading global provider of hearing aids, offers revolutionary products and a one-stop-shop concept for clinics which makes them a great partner for Samplified.”


Clementine is a hearing app platform, that is designed to help companies in the audiology field, such as audiology retail and manufacturers, to bring their services in line with technology trends and new patients demands. The Clementine Kiosk is the first solution that Sonova Denmark is introducing to the Danish market. Other Clementine solutions, such as Clementine Mobile (an app that allows people to find a hearing care clinic and experience the local clinic services via their mobile devices), might be offered in the future as well.