Friday,  April 17, 2020
Since the start of the current pandemic, over 50 new stores all across the globe have started using Clementine already to be present online and conduct hearing assessments remotely. One of them is
Sonja Jones (Cardiff Hearing), UK Audiologist of the year 2019 (by Rayovac).

“I am one of life’s sceptics and so when I saw Clementine offering an online hearing test solution, I raised my eyebrows, sighed, and expected it to be inaccurate and simply a hook for a company to get my credentials for the sake of marketing.

I love being proved wrong. The test was exceptionally easy to install on my website using the tailored HTML provided, the user instructions are clear and simple, and the reporting is end-user friendly. I could not believe how quickly the pure tone results were sent to my email, along with the patient contact details; within minutes of test completion, I could be having a telephone consultation with the new client to discuss next steps.

What’s more, in my own comparison testing using my clinical diagnostic system, the results were nearly identical and so I could be sure that the online test was credible and so could have initial useful patient conversations based on this.

I am entirely behind Clementine and cannot wait to learn more about and try their other solutions; not only am I bought into their product, I am sold on their people for their integrity, innovation and warmth. I won’t be spending my money on any other remote solution.”

Sonja Jones, Clinical Audiologist and Consultant Trainer
BSc (hons), PgDip CCC (Distinction), PgCert, RHAD, HCPC, RCCP, Commended Audiologist (Rayovac UK Audiologist of the Year 2019)