To better serve UK audiologists with remote audiology solutions, Clementine has entered into a strategic partnership with Sonja Jones and Stuart Axon. In the midst of the COVID19 pandemic, Clementine has experienced a significant increase in demand from the UK for products such as; the Clementine Home solution, a modular unit which patients can use to conduct hearing assessments & perform otoscopy from the comfort and safety of their home, and Clementine Web Screening, a calibrated web based hearing screener, keeping clinicians and patients safe during these difficult times.  


Stuart Axon (former General Manager at PC Werth) and Sonja Jones (clinical audiologist and owner at Cardiff Hearing) have been active in the industry for many years and will be leading the UK branch. “The necessary  tools for audiology professionals in the UK is changing. Clementine is consistently coming up with technology that helps professionals to focus at what they do best, providing hearing care. We’re proud to be representing them in the UK and to help UK audiologists to serve their patients better.” Sonja Jones – 25/05/19




Clementine offers kiosk and website solutions to help clinics with hearing screenings in an early stage of awareness. At the start of the pandemic, Clementine was the first company to announce help for the industry by introducing Clementine Home: A remote audiology case that allows clinics to conduct hearing assessments and otoscopy checks in the most user-friendly way possible remotely or in drive-through settings. Vince van de Weijer, Founder and Managing Director of Clementine: “We’re very proud of our collaboration with Stuart and Sonja as they know exactly what needs UK audiologists have. Stuart and Sonja bring a lot of experience to the table which is of incredible value for the serving audiology professionals in the UK and moreover for our continuous efforts to improve the Clementine product suite.”