Amplified Resource Group (ARG) and Clementine have signed a strategic collaboration agreement in the USA. ARG has been looking for a strategic solution to help ENT clinics and audiology practices to continue serving patients remotely during and beyond the current pandemic. In its’ search and exploration they have discovered that the fast growing European market leader Clementine has proven to have the perfect lead generation and remote hearing assessment solution for the clinics that ARG represents, now and in the future.

ARG is an independent consulting firm focused on the financial health and revenue growth of lead ENT and audiology practices in the USA. “Our industry went through a major shift in working almost overnight. The pandemic has shown that established ways of working as we have known them for the past decades belong to the past given the vulnerable nature of the patients that we’re serving. The revolutionary Clementine product suite helps our clinics to be ready for the future by lowering the barrier for screenings in an early stage of awareness and by allowing clinics to set up remote appointments and conduct remote assessments.” According to Richard Jackson, Managing Director at ARG. The first clinics that ARG represents have already successfully started using Clementine.

At the start of the pandemic, Clementine was the first company to announce help for the industry by introducing Clementine Home: A remote audiology case that allows clinics to conduct hearing assessments and otoscopy checks in the most user-friendly way possible remotely or in drive-through settings. Clementine also offers kiosk and website solutions to help clinics with hearing screenings in an early stage of awareness. Vince van de Weijer, Founder and Managing Director of Clementine: “We’re constantly looking for strategic partnerships to fast growing number of clinics to reach people in need of hearing care in a more efficient and user-friendly way. We’re proud of the collaboration with ARG given their unique position in the market and the clinics that they represent”.