During CES 2021, Clementine is pleased to announce that Dr. Ballachanda, a pioneer in teleaudiology, has been appointed as Brand Ambassador. In this role, Dr. Ballachanda will contribute with his knowledge and experience to the continuous development of Clementine and will be a point of contact for audiological conversations for Clementine clients in the US.

Bopanna Ballachanda, Ph.D., is internationally known for his publications (Books, chapters, and articles) in scientific and professional journals. Dr. Ballachanda holds a doctoral degree in auditory neurophysiology from the University of Texas-Dallas. He was a faculty member at Purdue University and the University of New Mexico before joining Texas Tech as Adjunct Professor.  He was the founder and CEO of Premier Hearing Centers in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

Dr. Ballachanda is a pioneer in remote hearing care; he started the teleaudiology in his private practice to serve patients in remote areas of New Mexico. He has written articles on teleaudiology, and a book is in the works to help hearing care professionals reach their patients using teleaudiology concepts during this pandemic and beyond.  He lectures at industry events and sets up teleaudiology and telecare for private practitioners.  His expertise in teleaudiology will help shape the future of telepractice in audiology.

Dr. Ballachanda spearheaded the first cerumen management workshop for audiologists in 1992.  He has lectured and conducted seminars on cerumen impaction and clinical management.  He is on few professional boards as a member of the board of directors or as an advisor. He was elected to the American Academy of Audiology board of directors twice. He has served on many comities and task-forces at the national associations like the American Academy of  Audiology, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, American Academy of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery, American Academy of Audiology Foundation, and other non-profit organizations.