Awareness and lead generation has never been more user-friendly

 From any location in your community

Attracts from a distance,
engages from close by

In their early stage of hearing loss awareness, patients visit many places, but they avoid places for hearing care. The fully tailored front of the Kiosks helps to attract people from a distance in your personal way from any location. As soon as they’re close by they get a warm and comforting welcome via the  meaningful screensaver video. Within 2 minutes they know what they’re up to, as soon as they start the most user-friendly, yet calibrated and reliable screening. Automatically they will receive their tailored advise including information about possible next steps. A new lead is born.

A significant number of new patients, is only one block away

Flexibility & Easy to manage

The Clementine Kiosk is known for it’s flexibility. The Kiosk and the app can be tailored with your logo and any textual change can be made with a simple click on the button. Regardless the location of the Kiosk.

For the comfort of your potantial clients, the Kiosk can be delivered with a holder for sanitary wipes.


Works online & Offline

The kiosk can be used on any location, even if there is not internet.


Quick & user-friendly

People get a reliable, personalised advise in less than 2 minutes.

Results via e-mail

Both the hearing care company and the patient will receive the results and contact information

Significant appointment increase

Have people immediately book an appointment from the kiosk

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